We introduce new wines from the both the Americas and Europe with information pertaining to thereof in the most expedite manner.
We hope to lead in extending wine culture to others across the globe. We wish to keep our relationship with customers at the most highest of quality based
on the cultural communication.

The more you share, the better wine gets The Crystal Wine Group began with the instinct to communicate to the mass, the care farmers put into their harvest and the time invested into making better wines. The basic concept of sharing is the Crystal Wine Group's foundation; "The more you share, the better wine gets."
Until now we have delivered wines that are rarely found in the Korea and we have worked hard to introduce new wines from producers who's small size and detail we find admirable. We are only now beginning to see changes in the market and in the attitudes toward wine.
“The Cultural Communicator” The Crystal Wine Group is not only a distribution company but vows to become the bridge between producers and wine-lovers. We will continue to be the center of cultural communication that aims to distribute deeper philosophies embedded in products with those who, simply, love wine.


  • Charles Lachaux

    Domaine A.F. Gros

    Domaine Alain Guyard

    Domaine Arnaud Ente

    Domaine Bachelet Monnot

    Domaine Benoit Ente

    Domaine Bernard Moreau

    Domaine Bizot

    Domaine Chantal Remy

    Domaine Cordier

    Domaine Denis Bachelet

    Domaine Dujac

    Domaine Felettig

    Domaine Francois Raveneau

    Domaine Georges Noellat

    Domaine Jules Desjourneys

    Domaine Michel Bouzereau

    Domaine Paul Pillot​

    Domaine Pillot L&R

    Domaine Y.Clerget

  • A.Margaine

    Adrien Renoir

    Benoit Dehu

    Benoit Lahaye

    Charles Dufour



    Emmanuel Brochet


    Franck Bonville

    Georges Laval


    Henri Giraud

    Jacques Selosse

    Jerome Prevost




    Nathalie Falmet

    Pierre Paillard

  • Grand Cru Classe

  • Soucherie

    Thibaud Budignon

  • Clos Saint Jean

    Jean Louis Chave

    Jean Louis Chave Selection

Sud France
  • Domaine de Triennes


  • Frank Cornelissen

    Mauro Molino

Zalto Wine Glass

  • Zalto DENK’ART


  • Clemens Busch

    Egon Muller


  • Clos Amador

    Luis Canas

    Pago de Cirsus

    Vins Grau


  • Sato Wines


  • BOND

    Chapter 24 vineyards

    Cruse Wine

    Domaine de la Cote


    Maison l'Envoye


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